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All-in-one security for your online activities
Turtle protects you and your private information
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Security Matters

Turtle is a mobile app that is designed to keep you safe from threats online and to keep your personal information private. We’re on a mission to make the users of the internet informed about security and to make it safer for you to be online.

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Block Big Tech from listening in on you

Turtle automatically deletes your searches, map locations, your conversations IRL, voice queries and more, to hide you from tech companies.

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Monitor the Dark Web for hacker data leaks

Scan the dark web for your personal information and for breaches, every day. We alert you if your data has been leaked, or if anything is a threat to you.

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Block online trackers keeping tabs on you

It is time for your personal information to stop being tracked all the time! Turtle block thousands of trackers on websites and in mobile apps.

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Delete your old and future messages in bulk

Your messages stays online forever and ever unless you take action. However, this is highly cumbersome. Turtle does it for you - friction free.

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